Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shop Buffalo Etsy: Fall entertaining gift guide

Our first gift guide was a huge hit! Thanks to everyone sharing on social media, we racked up nearly 200 views. Let's see if we can top that with this week's collection of goodies from Buffalo Etsy shop owners, all to help you throw the perfect fall get-together!

Vintage Shell Kitchen Serving Spoon Black and Peach, $8

Pretty and unique for your tabletop

Time will fly by when your wine glass has these adorable charms on it.

Shower your guests with favors.

Wise words!

Perfect for your tabletop.

Unique fall colors to brighten up the kitchen.

HOO wouldn't want this adorable decoration?

Unique, versatile centerpiece that does double duty..

How is this even happening?!

Penny for your drink?

Celebrate the extremely rare Thanksgivukkah (Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same weekend)!

Gobble gobble!

Be a stylish hostess with this stylish fall bracelet.

Salt will look elegant in this simple wooden box.

Make sure your pooch celebrates (or curses?) the Bills with the whole family!

- Jocelyn | paragraphloop

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shop Buffalo Etsy: Fall Favorites gift guide

I think our days of 80 degrees are at long last at an end ... feels like fall, finally! To get in the autumn mood, here are our favorite fall-themed picks from Buffalo Etsy shops.

Would look so pretty with colored leaves.

Simple and cute.

Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen.

Beautiful way to celebrate.

Nice accent for a sweater or scarf.

Just the right amount of style and a bit of sparkle.

Pretty layering effect.

Perfect for bringing wine to Thanksgiving!

Made from recycled books!

Simple and effective greeting!

Daylight hours may be fewer but they're still bright!

So pretty with the star cutouts!

Spooky tree!

It looks like the fall mouse handing over the holidays to the winter owl!

Outfit your puppy for the season!

Store your earrings or rings in style!

- Jocelyn | paragraphloop

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shop Buffalo Etsy: I heard you liked some buffalo in your Buffalo

To kick off our Shop Buffalo Etsy holiday gift guides, I've compiled a guide to some great buffalo items made by people living in Buffalo! Buffalo-themed items are fantastic gifts for residents and ex-pats alike to display their hometown pride. Have I said "buffalo" enough yet? To the buffalos!

A herd of purple buffalos ... what's not to love?

Anything that makes me think of the Mary Tyler Moore show is a good thing! (Am I showing my age?) 

I am imagining a very grumpy buffalo under all those flowers!

Feeling very fall with these autumnal colors.

Love the combination of metals.

They have bells like a cow would!!

Put your little buffalo in this sweet onesie!

A perfect simple buffalo, in Bills colors.

It was 80 degrees here yesterday (Oct. 6). We're not ready yet!!

Buffalos love pink!

Happy Buffalo, everyone!

- Jocelyn | paragraphloop