Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Did I Really Just Quit My Job?

Yes. Last month, I turned in a resignation letter to my boss of 18 years, ending my career in higher education at the end of June.
It wasn't easy.
I don't have another "job" lined up.
I'm not wealthy. 
What I do have is this:
 -      2 on-line e-commerce stores  
      Etsy being one of them –
-      A revenue generating DIY website on how to make picture frames and mat board – you can check it out here:
-      a passion for making frames
-      a desire to work for myself
      -      and most important of all; the love and support of some amazing people in my life 
            – including the Etsy community!
I've taken some other precautions too (I'm not completely crazy!) which I'll outline in future installments.
This sounds crazy, I know.
With that said, the only reason I can give for making this decision is: life is too short. In a blink of an eye, 18 years have passed me by. As grateful as I am for my time in the higher education field -  I'm not where I'd like to be.
So many of us dream of a day when we can spend our time doing something we feel passionate about, when our job doesn't feel like work and it provides more than just a paycheck.
We dream of a day when we can spend more time with our families and loved ones.
We dream of a lot of things, but sometimes we can’t do anything about it.
What’s worse though is when we are able to try - but never do.
I've decided I am able to try and realized if I don’t take action now, my dreams will soon be replaced by the sobering reality that I settled. That I took the safer path and somewhere along the line decided things were “good enough”.  
Instead, I’m going to embrace the belief that I have the power - I believe we all do - to live the life I want to live.
Maybe I'll find out I'm unrealistic, maybe I'll realize that's just the way life is. Maybe I'll find myself applying for jobs in higher education again in a year or two.
Or maybe, just maybe, I'll find out that faith is indeed more powerful than fear. Maybe I'll find out that the one thing that prevents us from reaching our goals or living our dreams is - ourselves.
Either way, I have no doubt I'll learn a lot, grow a lot and be better off in many ways just for trying.
The journey officially begins at the end of June, when the safety net is removed and I start walking the line…. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Monday, May 19, 2014

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