Monday, April 4, 2011

new team treasury!

new team treasury by compostthis


  1. Our Google Group is up. Please request an invitation to join. Open to all Buffalo Etisans.

    Current web address:

    Current email address:

  2. This is so great. I am so happy and excited that this group is growing and moving forward. And the blog looks great!

  3. Thanks Anne for taking the time for setting this blog up and thanks to Rachel for getting this team together! Very excited to watch us strengthen each other!

    At the meeting I wanted to ask if anyone would be wiling to donate something for my great-niece's benefit. She's 5 and battling leukemia. She was recently pictured in an article in the Buffalo News called "Beads of Courage". The benefit is May 22nd. $10 tickets. I'm not sure how to post the flyer but I would appreciate any gift we can raffle off, with your business card attached, of course! Thanks in advance for considering!