Friday, September 27, 2013

Everything Old is New Again in ......This Year's Vintage Fall Trends

   This year there are plenty of vintage fall trends to look out for this season.  As always, everything old is truly new again.  What I love about the return of vintage trends is that items can get recycled which is definitely a money saver. It also gives you that little boost to clean out your closets, basements and attics to look for those items that are resurfacing.

Plaids- This includes clothing and decor (wool blankets, faded quilts, skirts, sweaters, etc.)

Painted Vintage Furniture- Especially pieces with a high gloss lacquer

Hard Case Handbags- Reminiscent of the old style suitcase type bags

Houndstooth-  This pattern is especially good for work wear.  (Skirts, Shoes, Scarves, Coats)
Black and white patterns always make for a classic look.

Sunburst Mirrors- These mirrors add some bling and metallic feel to any room.  Placing them over a fireplace or bed creates a classic and retro feel.

Woven Rugs- Flat woven area rugs with graphic designs and a multicolored pallet work in virtually any room in your home.

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