Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shop Buffalo Etsy: Thank You gifts

Attending a fabulous party? Bring a thoughtful token of your appreciation for the hardworking hostess!

Pretty and unique colors for fall!

Festive Christmas colors for the holidays

Adorable and unique potholder style

Terrifying you into having a great time!

Show your Buffalo pride

Maroon is perfect for the fall

Cozy neutral colored scarf will go with everything

Keeps your counters clean while adding whimsical charm

Two-sided mug rug is both beautifying and protective

Pillow does double duty for winter holidays

Buffalo ornament is feeling festive

Display your special items in this unique pyramid-shaped glass container

Your presents will stand out from generic wrapping with a special bow

Anything that looks this warm is perfect for Buffalo winters

Cowl scarf, $20

Tiny cups in three colors are great for an ombre look in your home

Not just any wine bottle decoration

A personal touch for thank you cards

How could you go wrong with Buffalo food earrings?

Cleaning is never dull with these lacy dishcloths

This is the only version of "let it snow" that I can get behind

No one fast forwards through Fast Times at Ridgemont High, not even Mr. Hand

Movie bag, $40

We will be publishing our gift guides weekly through the holiday season, so continue to check in for locally made gift and decor ideas!

- Jocelyn | paragraphloop


  1. Buffalo artisans are so creative and clever! These are great gift ideas!

  2. This is a great collection, and we all need gift ideas this season. I'll be shopping!

  3. A Beautiful gift guide! Such talented artisans featured here!

  4. Hi - wondering if anyone may be able to help me, as one of these fine etsy shop owners may be the right person. At the Elmwood Art Festival this summer, someone was selling beautiful glass flower sculptures for the garden. I've Googled everyone on the vendor list from this year and can't find them.

    1. Hey teammates, can anyone help Erin find this show vendor?

  5. Hi Erin, I had glass flowers @Elmwood. Ck out