Saturday, December 13, 2014

City of Good Neighbors: "Family Of a Vet" Results!

In October, the Buffalo Etsy Team decided to show some Buffalove to the Western New York community with our first fundraising project. Since our "City of Good Neighbors" effort was to launch by Veterans Day, we "adopted" a struggling WNY veteran and his family, found through the organization Family Of a Vet. Family Of a Vet, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide real-world resources that help heroes and their loved ones survive and thrive in life after combat. They provided us with information about our family of six, including their holiday wish lists.

Our hero was in the Army and served two tours in Afghanistan. He suffers from PTSD and TBI, limiting his ability to work and support his family. His wife is the primary caregiver for the family which includes four young daughters under 13. Their 9-year-old daughter has had many health issues since birth, has already had two surgeries, and faces two more. From the family: "lately it seems if we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck."  (learn more here:


The "City of Good Neighbors: Family Of a Vet" 

fundraising project was launched with enthusiasm 
and high hopes on Nov. 10, 2014.  
Participating members designated "FOV" items for sale in their Etsy shops, and agreed to donate 100% when the item(s) sold. The money would be used to purchase items on each family member's wish list.

Over 30 members of the Buffalo Etsy Team 
worked to fulfill our family's wishes!
• 100% of the money from the sale of specially designated FOV (Family Of a Vet) items from their Etsy shops was donated.
• Some team members added more FOV items after their original items sold!
• Some
team members opted to make cash donations!
• Some team members purchased gifts from the family's wish lists! 
• Some team members purchased FOV items from their fellow team members!
• Some went above and beyond by donating money from sales, then donating more money, and buying gifts!
• Our fabulous friends and family members made cash donations, too!

(please scroll to end for links to all participating shops)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

WE HAD DONATIONS TOTALING (insert drumroll.........................) $919.00! 
Were we blown away and extremely proud? You bet!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On Dec. 8, Santa's elves gathered at Corner Bakery Cafe for the "It's a Wrap!" party to celebrate the success of our first fundraiser!

We ate cake (thanks, Road Kiln!), listened to Christmas music (thanks, Charmed by Wine!), and WRAPPED!

It was a fun, noisy gathering with paper and ribbon and gift tags everywhere!

Our busy elves, pictured below (and listed in no particular order): Goldhawk Pottery, PE Collectibles, Fast Crawl, Ania Jane, Charmed by Wine, Gretchen Cole Jewelry, Road Kiln, L Richards Design, Whimsy by Kelly, Zanie Crafts Felted Art, and Oliver Plays (behind the camera: 716 Buffalos).

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

To all of the Buffalo Etsy Team members, project volunteers, cheerleaders, and friends of the team, a huge THANKS to each and every one of you for your donations, your support, and your time. Buffalo truly is the City of Good Neighbors!

With loads of Buffalove during the holidays and always,

AL Custom Jewelry
All This and That Too
Ania Jane
Aremel Soaps
Charmed by Wine
C Designs Cards
The Cotton Road
Cozy Home Wreaths
Crafty Squirrel Design
Doggie Stylz
Farmhouse Heart
Fast Crawl
Goldhawk Pottery
Gretchen Cole Jewelry
Harvest Woods
Hedge Wytch Herbals
Inspired Buffalo
Kitch Studios
Knit Laugh Wine
L Richards Design
My Buffalo Shirt
Nikki M Design
Oliver Plays
Paragraph Loop
PE Collectibles
Road Kiln

Silent Mylo Studio
So Sew Linda
Sugarshox Crafts
Trebird Buffalo
Vase Place
Whimsy by Kelly
Wonder Strumpet
Yankee Rose Creations
Zanelli Art
Zanie Crafts Felted Art
Zee Best Cards
And moi, 716 Buffalos


  1. Great post on a meaningful effort by the Buffalo Etsy Team! Great job to all involved - Carla, extra props to you for your tireless effort to keep everyone updated, participating and involved!!

    1. Thanks, Al, for your participation in FOV and also for your kind words!

  2. So proud of everyone who participated! Carla you did a spectacular job organizing and promoting! I'm sure the family will be thrilled when they see all of those gifts!

  3. What a great holiday story - and such a tremendous project to help a family in our community. I am thrilled at how these team came together and thank you, Carla of 716Buffalos for your hard work and inspiration. Let's hear it for the team!!

  4. What a wonderful Holiday story! Giving back and the Holiday spirit are what Christmas is supposed to be about!

  5. SO proud of our team for coming together to do something this awesome for a local family. Buffalo truly is the City of Good Neighbors! =)

  6. Well done team!! Very proud of everyone!

  7. Such a great project and so proud of our team and all those who supported this!