Friday, March 22, 2013

Everything Old is New Again....

Everything Old is New Again…

   I often can be quoted as saying “everything old is new again”.  It has become the motto of my vintage Etsy shop, PECollectibles.  Yesterday’s trend will be tomorrow’s trend once again.  I enjoy bringing vintage items to the marketplace as much as collecting them for myself.
   Below I’ve answered some questions that you might have on your mind about all things vintage!

What is considered to be vintage?

   Vintage is a term used to describe items (including jewelry, clothing, books, etc.)  that are more than twenty years old.  It often represents high quality from a past time period.  In regards to Etsy, items considered vintage must have been made sometime before 1994. 

What are the benefits of buying vintage?

1.     Quality- The quality of vintage items for the most part is often made of better materials and superior craftsmanship than new items that you can purchase from retailers.

2.     Trends- In the last few years the world of fashion has embraced vintage styles from all decades, whether it be 70’s style flower child patterns, 50’s style knit sweaters or 20’s style flapper dresses. Antique and repurposed house wares are also quite popular these days.  You can easily incorporate a vintage piece of clothing or accessory into your modern wardrobe.  Even modern homes can have vintage house wares, repurposed items or antique furniture that does not create a dated look. 

3.     Affordability- Vintage items are just that, vintage.  They are rarely new.  Purchasing these items at consignment shops, antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets can definitely be economical. 

4.     Uniqueness- Vintage pieces are limited. You cannot find the same item by the 1,000s in retail stores.  You’ll always have something different from the crowd.

Here are my three favorite vintage/repurposed items this week from local Buffalo Etsy shops!

Buffalo, NY Necklace - "The Old First Ward" vintage skeleton key, Buffalo token, emerald green heart St. Patrick's Day Irish

Vintage Rodo Wicker Clutch with Copper Metallic Finish Made in Italy

Vintage Jantzen THE PETTY GIRL Suit Of 1940 Print Add Original In Modern Frame



  1. This was great Erica! I learned something here - I never knew how something got the "vintage" tag! Now that I know, I think I may have some things that qualify in my closet! :) Interesting info, great article.

  2. I always say that they don't make things like they use to.
    thanks for the great post!

  3. Fantastic blog, Erica! I'm so happy you're writing about vintage, it's our shared passion! I can't wait to read your next post! Thank you for including my necklace in this week's finds!