Thursday, July 16, 2015

We are the Buffalo Etsy Team!

So you've been wondering, what is the Buffalo Etsy Team? We are a diverse group of Etsy sellers from the Western New York region - mostly in the Buffalo NY area.

Etsy sellers have the option to join teams for networking, information sharing, and other types of assistance.  Teams can be virtual or location-based as we are in the Buffalo, NY area.  The benefit of joining a local team is you get to meet in person and learn from one another face to face.  Many of our team members have developed strong bonds and collaborate with one another in many ways.

The team blog - - has a number of helpful series for Etsy sellers including:

The blog is loaded with other resources and features both for Etsy sellers and Etsy buyers so its worth scrolling through the calendar on the right side of the screen to find something of interest.

As of July 2015, the Buffalo Etsy Team is now meeting at the Whimsy By Kelly Studio.  Thanks to team leader Kelly we have a dedicated meeting spot where we can hold monthly meetings, workshops, crafting classes and other activities. This team selfie was taken at our July meeting.

The team has over 600 members who reside in the Western New York region though most meeting attendees come from Erie County and Buffalo area.  For those who cannot attend meetings, the team has an active discussion board on Etsy, a team Facebook page, a Pinterest page, and Buffalove on Etsy - a page full of themed collections of items for sale from Buffalo Etsy Team members. If you are looking to see what team members have for sale, visit our Shop Buffalo Etsy Team page.

In addition, the team has held workshops on photography and financial matters, raised funds in a successful campaign to support a veteran's family, and been featured on local TV to promote gift guides during the holiday season.

To join the team, you must be an Etsy seller living in Western New York.  Visit to see more about teams and how to join us by searching for us in the Community section.


  1. This is a great team! I love being involved in this group. It was a very good meeting.

  2. Go team! It was really inspiring to be at Kelly's studio, too! :D

  3. The Buffalo Etsy Team meetings are a great way to meet other creative people and professionals! A wonderful opportunity to learn and share ideas. I hope we will have more members join us soon.

  4. We are the Witty Gritty Paper Co. and this was our first meeting. It was so great to meet everyone and Kelly's new studio is absolutely lovely! :)

  5. So good to hear from other team members and I agree - this team is terrific and so glad we now have a wonderful dedicated meeting space at Kelly's. Join us and learn more how we can help!

  6. I'm so glad to be part of this team! -Can't wait for the next meeting!

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