Friday, March 29, 2013

Everything Old is New Again in Kitchens

          I love everything from the 1950’s.  But more than anything I love 50’s inspired retro kitchens.  My husband and I are saving up to design my very own retro inspired kitchen. I couldn’t be more excited to pick out colors, accessories, appliances and tiles.  To me retro style kitchens represent comfort and family.
          Retro inspired kitchens are truly on a comeback.  Most popular is called “vintage modern design” where modern meets vintage.  Incorporating select vintage objects or furniture in a modern kitchen can create a sense of style nostalgia and uniqueness.
          Below are some current trends in vintage inspired kitchens.
Colors:  cherry red, tiffany blue, lime green
Accessories: Pyrex bowls, kitsch towels, teapots, checkered pattern table clothes, mason jars, tin advertising signs, retro clocks, canister sets
Furniture: Diner booths, 50’s diner table/chair sets, open shelving, painted kitchen hutch
Appliances: Farmhouse style sinks with deep basins, refurbished refrigerators/stoves, retro reproductions of refrigerators/stoves (Elmira Stove Works), hand held appliances

Is it time for your kitchen renovation?

Here are my favorite three vintage kitchen items from Etsy shops in Buffalo, NY:


Retro Pitcher and Glasses Spaghetti String Drizzle Plastic Color Craft Coated


Vintage White Porcelain Pitcher



  1. Great post, Erica! I have incorporated 40s and 50s touches in my "kitschen," and I hope you'll share pics of your own re-do!

  2. I'm feeling a lot better about my retro kitchen now, thanks! ;) The appliances are old but they work just fine and now that I've scrubbed them up I think they look pretty cool. Next stop is a black and white checkerboard linoleum floor!

    1. My BFF did a b&w c'board floor and it looks amazing in her retro kitchen! You can't see a floor in this link, but it looks similar to my BFF's kitchen (the 12th pic in this slideshow):

  3. really enjoyed this post Erica!

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  5. Great article. I enjoy some of the great things from the 50s & 60s also but I would love to give someone my pink and black bathroom!
    Any takers?

    1. Linda, not only did I buy my house because of its original pink & black bathroom, but years later I discovered there's an entire movement to SAVE them!

      Click the link, take the PINK pledge!:)