Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything Old is New Again in Some of Etsy's Most Unique Vintage Shops

 We all know that there are 1,000s of unique specialty craft shops on Etsy.  This also holds true for vintage shops.  Below is just a sample of some of the unique shops I have recently found. These kinds of shops are a treasure trove for crafters and collectors alike.
 I could spend hours searching though all the vintage shops out there in Etsyland! Feel free to post a link to any unique vintage specialty shops you find.

1. vintagewindowpanes

Specializes in vintage window panes, sashes, locks, weights, and pulleys for use at home in decor, arts, crafts, etc.

2. FiniRibbon

Specializes in vintage french ribbons from the 1900's +.

3. ImAButtonGlutton

Specializes in buttons manufactured in the 1940's and before.  Many Mother of Pearl buttons and new old stock.

4.  togei (also known as Folding Cranes)

Specializes in selling vintage Japanese clothing such as kimonos, obis, etc.  Located in Japan.


Specializes in vintage postcards of Edwardian actresses, children, holidays, shipping boats, etc.

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