Thursday, May 23, 2013

Following YOUR Path...

Commencement is over, at least for me. Working
for a local college; the past few weeks have been
a very busy time. In order to end we must begin.

Just a little play on words there of course.

Now that the seniors have begun (I mean commenced) I can now work on the blog again.
This is just an excuse for missing last week's entry - weak,  I know.

Apologies to all.

Next week will bring the latest update on Alison Kurek of SilentMyloStudio. The following week we'll check-in on Sarah Trumpp of Wonderstrumpet.

If you haven't been following these two amazing shop owners you should - there is a lot to learn from their journey as full-timers. You can read their previous articles here:

Sarah - March 21, 2013 , April 11, 2013 , May 2, 2013

Alison - April 6, 2013 , April 25, 2013

Until then, enjoy the weekend and remember the real reason for Memorial Day.

Written by Al Pilato of harvestwoods

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