Saturday, June 29, 2013

ART SHOWS 101: Survival Tips for Show Artists and Crafters, Vol. 15: On the Road

One of these vehicles is mine and the other belongs to a fellow exhibitor at the Boston Mills Art Festival -- take a wild guess which is which :-)

This is a show of "big" work in even bigger tents. Most of the 160 artists are housed in 4 very large communal tents, with about 20 artists in stand alone, individual tents in a center courtyard area.

Set up on Friday morning was tough. I was in the North Tent last year and was able to pull up behind my space to unload. I'm in far end of the West Tent this year, the tent farthest from the unloading area, and had to cart in through damp, rutted gravel. My usually wonderful little cart had a hard time with the loose gravel and it was an unusually long load-in. Load out on Sunday evening will be as bad if not worse, so I may add one more night of a hotel stay to this trip rather than driving home after breakdown.

I shot some video of the load-in which may or may not make it to this blog at a future date. No make-up and sweaty is not a great look for me with the sun glaring in my face :-) But I would like to pull some stills from what I shot to give you a feel for the show.

This is a 3 day show - Friday night being a $50/head Wine Tasting Preview. Attendance was good and sales were okay, although no "big" paintings left my walls this year. But there are 2 more days of the show -- wish me luck!

Here's a link to the show info:  Boston Mills Art Fest

Until next time -- keep creating!


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