Friday, July 26, 2013

10 Tips for Running a Great Garage Sale

 Several weeks ago my friend and I had our annual garage sale.  It is a bit of work but we always have fun doing it. Below are ten tips that will make for a successful garage sale. 

1. Visible and Clear Signs:

No one can come to your garage sale if they don't know the address, date and time. Be clear, if it's just one day make sure to write that on the sign. For example "Saturday Only".   Make sure the lettering is bold and neat and able to be seen from a car. I suggest white poster board with large black lettering. 

2.  Flexible Pricing:

Be willing to negotiate.   One thing to ask yourself is if you don't sell a particular item, what will you do with it? If there are items that you feel are valuable make sure to write "FIRM" after the price on the tag.  

3.  Plan for Bad Weather:

The weather can be unpredictable, especially in Western New York.  So was the case the morning of our garage sale. Thankfully we had several tents and also the use of the garage.  Even though it was raining, people still showed up because we had tents. Also having tarps to cover your items is also a good idea and are inexpensive. 

4.  Advertisements:

Placing an Ad in your local/town newspaper.  Many people who are "garage salers"  scout the ads and find them useful when coming up with an itinerary. Follow the same rules as you would with making signs. 

5.  A Clean Yard:

Make sure your yard is free from grass clippings, dog poop or large branches that someone could trip on. 

6.  Put Away Items You Don't Want to Sell:

People always find a way of scouting out those items that are in visible view but are not for sale. Put those items away.  If you are using your garage, use tarps to cover up anything not for sale. This is especially important if you are running a garage sale with multiple people. This way nothing will be accidentally sold. 

7.  Guard Your Money:

Make sure you know where your money is at all times. Also, keep your cell phone with you. Don't give anyone the opportunity to steal from you. 

8.  Plastic Bags and Wrapping Materials:

Have plastic bags and wrapping materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap to package up anything breakable.  Your customers will appreciate it and you won't have to clean up broken bits. 

9.  Take Signs Down:

There is nothing worse than having a bunch of people stop to your sale after you have everything packed up. Although this still can happen, taking down your signs is helpful.  Gas is expensive these days and it is annoying to follow a sign to a garage sale that is no longer running. 

10.   Organize Your Items:

It is often helpful for yourself and your customers to have organized sections such as books, toys, clothing, etc. If someone is looking for a particular item this makes it easier for them to scout it out. It will also makes it easier to pack your left over items at the end of the sale.  

Does anyone else have tips for a successful garage sale? If so, post below. 

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