Saturday, July 6, 2013

ART SHOWS 101: Survival Tips for Show Artists and Crafters, Vol.16, Staying Flexible in Uncertain Financial Times

Making a living as an artist is never easy, but in uncertain financial times it can be a wild ride. Fellow show artists are reporting large swings in income this year. Shows they could pretty much count on in the past are down, and little sleeper shows surprise them with higher than expected sales. A ceramic artist I spoke with last week said: "Shows are either WAY up or way, way down this year. I just don't know what to plan for anymore." Add a little crazy weather into the mix, torrential rain or blazing heat, and the ride can get a little bumpier.

So what can you do at times like these? Stay flexible! Mix a few smaller shows and earning opportunities in with your "big" shows. Keep your online store stocked and ready for business. Keep your consignment and wholesale accounts up to date. In other words, don't neglect your smaller venue streams while preparing for big summer shows. 

I flexed my artistic muscles this weekend :-) After traveling to Ohio last weekend to set up at a higher end show, I dragged my scratched and dent work out into my driveway this morning to participate in my neighborhood's annual street sale. I'm happy to say that both events were a success, even if they drew very different crowds.

And speaking of scratch and dent work, here's a link to an Art Garage Sale I learned about last weekend. I had no idea that juried shows like this one existed:

The Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo Michigan

 Until next time -- keep creating!


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  1. Once again great tips, Alison. I agree that we all need items at multiple price points, and try to sell in various venues. It is a crazy year and I've seen both extremes myself. Keep sharing your tips!