Saturday, July 20, 2013

ART SHOWS 101: Survival Tips for Show Artists and Crafters, Vol. 18: Vocabulary Words


Be-Back: a person who announces "I'll be back" as they walk out of your booth. Once in a while they do come back, but usually not.

Buy/Sell: mass produced art and craft work that is purchased (not made) and resold by an exhibitor. Buy/Sell is banned at most shows. If you're caught with it you'll be shut down.

New Normal/New Good: a recent term used by exhibitors who are accustomed to having good sales at shows and are seeing smaller sales totals.

Paycheck Show: a mid-range income show. Not great, not bad -- similar to getting a paycheck for the number of hours you spend at a show.

Sh*t-On-A-Stick: usually a derogatory term applied to low-end garden art. It can also be used to describe the over all quality of a show - "it was a Crappy Craft show with a lot of sh*t-on-a-stick". But I have to say, I've seen some wonderful garden art on sticks this year :-)

Until next time -- keep creating!


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