Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Interview with Inspired Buffalo.

This week Marinette Kozlow from Inspired Buffalo took some time out from her busy schedule to share a little about herself and her shop! 

Please tell us a bit about yourself?
T-shirt designer, artist, Graphic designer, wife and home school mom of 3 boys

What do you create? Buffalo themed art and tshirts for everyone in the family but specializing in infant and children designs. How long have you been working on your craft/art? Nearly 3 years

How did you come up with your store name? It was Buffalo Princess based off of of my original design but has progressed to do much more. Standing back and looking at my art, I realize that it's not about princes and princesses but about all those who inspire me. So, I'm the "inspired" buffalo -- Inspired by those around me.

T-Shirt Buffalo, New York Born Unisex
How does Buffalo influence your work? The art that is all around me influences me to WANT to create. The friendly and helpful spirit of the locals make it so easy to network and ask questions. Certainly, the weather is a huge influence, lol! As my one artist friend said, Buffalo winters gives me time to create when I just want to stay inside. :)

What inspires you? So many things inspire me but mostly it's people and the things they do that make them so special. The innocence of babies, the make-believe of toddlers, real-life heroes and more inspire me. My art celebrates their lives

What is the best thing about having an etsy shop?
The best thing about having a shop on etsy, I think, is their search engine ratings. I get a lot of hits from search sites such as google, etc. another great thing I like is the fact that everything is done all in one place. They add the taxes when necessary and the shipping. It was great when I didn't have a way to accept credit cards, I could do it through etsy.

How do you promote your work to the world? Facebook, etsy, email list that people signed up for, giveaways on a local blog (, and shows.

What is the hardest part about selling online? Getting people to come and see in my opinion.

Where can your work be found locally? Spoiled Rotten in Buffalo, Bay-6 Buffalo Clothing Co in West Seneca, and The Perfect Gift in Clarence Center.

Do you have any up and coming art shows/craft shows that you would like us to know about? I'm going to be at the Erie County Fair August 7-18 from 9am-11pm in the Event Center. Would love for you to say hi and introduce yourselves!

Do you have any advise or suggestions for new sellers to etsy? Great photos! Renewing. Get people to come to it.

Do you do this full or part time?
 I just know I work a ton while juggling the rest, lol!

Have you had any formal training in what you do? My business has been "baptism by fire" as they say. Formal training was my graphic design. Graduated nearly 20 years ago from UB.

Where can you be found online? (website,facebook fanpage, etsy link, blog, flickr) on Facebook: inspired buffalo; on etsy:; email:

 Thanks Marinette  for sharing your experience with us! If you are from Buffalo and would like to be featured on the blog please contact me for more information!!

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