Thursday, June 6, 2013

Following YOUR Path...Sarah Trumpp 6/6/13

Summer is getting closer and it seems we are
all busier than ever. Families, craft shows,
jobs, book clubs, Etsy teams and treasuries;
not to mention, gardens, golf, graduation parties
and of course making the things we all make!

With that as a back drop, Sarah Trumpp of
WonderStrumpet was still kind enough to give us 
a quick update on how she is doing.

Feel free to wish her luck as she heads into the nerve-wracking craft show season.

Have you participated in any shows
since the May update? What shows do you have coming up? I don't think I have had any shows since the last time we talked. I have Lockport coming up at the end of June, Corn Hill in July, and Elmwood in August.

Since you started working full-time, can you share 1 hurdle that you have encountered that you never saw coming?  My biggest hurdle has been ME, which has been a little annoying. I'm following a dream and should probably not be getting in my own way. Irritating.

Compared to your initial fear or anxiety, has there been something that turned out to be much easier or smoother than you had expected?  I can't think of anything. How doom-gloom Eeyore of me!

How about the reverse of that - something you thought would be easy that turned out to be a headache? Show applications - so much paperwork!!! There was a lot of stuff that I didn't even think about, like business license (luckily I already had it) and tax IDs and whatnot, so I'm glad that's all out of the way.

Free format time - share whatever you feel like sharing  These past few months sales-wise have been pretty slim to none, so I'm a little nervous about all of that. I haven't updated my shop in way too long, though, since I've been hoarding stuff for shows, but I'm going to change that this upcoming week, so hopefully I'll start selling again. Right now I have all of my chips on summer show season, so I'm hoping things go well. Nervous!

Al Pilato


  1. I understand the "getting in your own way" thing a little too well Sarah! Maybe we should hire life coaches -- or not -- ha ha! Spring is a weird time for many show artists. New work, applications, no money :-) The next couple of months will make you feel that it was all worthwhile.

    1. I shudder to think of what a life coach would tell me... lol!

      I hope it does - the stress is killing me.